Monday, October 09, 2006

Home in Pottsville

I like my home. I should. I chose it very carefully. I first came to the Tweed Coast as an eight-year-old on a family fishing holiday when Hastings Point was a collection of shacks. Over the years I lived thousands of miles from here, but came back every few years, first with the family, later with Lorraine as the kids grew and flew. Finally I packed up the house in Melbourne and wandered all over the Eastern States, from the Yorke Peninsula to Gladstone on the coast, and inland to Lightning Ridge and Broken Hill for a little under a year.

I was searching for my future home and I ended up coming back to Pottsville on the Tweed coast. Since then, I've wandered the world - and I still haven't found a better place. But I'm just a little biased:-)
It's only a small house in a quiet village. the views are what I see out the window as I type this.

In the aerial view, we are beside the creek, just below the first canal. Unfortunately, the area at the top of the picture is now also housing.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, OK - envy :D


Sandra said...

Wow! Beautiful!

Rochelle Weber--Author, Editor said...

Hi, Alan:

I'm sorry we never connected that summer you were up here in the States. What a beautiful place to live. If I ever get the money to travel that far again, save a shrimp on the barbie for me!

Rochelle Weber
T2; Metformin.

Anonymous said...

Alan -
Lovely, calm, lots of water. A place to refresh yourself before taking off to parts yet unexplored.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alan - simply beautiful! I can almost hear those waves breaking on the beach ---T2Vicki