Monday, December 11, 2006

On the Creek

I posted these pictures of my creek to remind myself to sit here daily when I get home.

Creeks are for lazily swimming in; or sitting or standing by; or fishing in. To think, or not, or to meditate by.

I don't go fishing to catch fish - I certainly couldn't feed myself on the catches I get. But non-fishers will never understand. Fishing is a wonderful way to be by a creek and look like you're doing something practical when you're actually practising a wonderful healing form of meditation.


Anonymous said...

I do not know where you live, but I know it is not save to swim in every creek in Aussie! :-(

I love reading your blog, since we will be visiting Aussie soon for the 4th time. We hope to stay permanent one day!

Alan said...

If you look at a map, Pottsville is just below the point where the NSW/Queensland border meets the sea, 30km north of Byron Bay.

No worries swimming in our creek; no crocs, no stingers, no sharks and often no people. About the only thing to worry about would be the occasional tourist in a tinny.

It's even hard to drown in it, as you can touch bottom in the centre even at high tide. It was widened and made shallower in the 1960's when it was dredged by sandminers for rutile.

Enjoy your fourth visit.

Cheers, Alan