Monday, December 11, 2006

To Market, To Market

Before I head off on the trip to the south tomorrow, I decided to upload a few pix of my home region to set the scene. This is the first of a themed group.

Market day in Pottsville occurs on the the first and third Sundays of every month.

When I first came to town I got involved in all of the local things, as new people usually do - Community Association, Neighbourhood Centre and so on. I've stepped back a little now because of other interests, like travel. A couple of years ago, while on the neighbourhood Centre committee I received a promotion to be garbage and refuse collector after the Markets - I did it for a couple of years but then had to quit when I wandered off around the world; some other lucky guy does the job now:-)

It's just a typical country town market - but the range of goods is amazing. There are even spots to park the kids, eat, get a massage, singers, puppets.

Small communities at work and play.

Cheers, Alan

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